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We invest in mid-market companies

What we do

We invest in medium-sized businesses principally in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. They sit within one of three sectors: industrials, business services and consumer / health. 

They tend to be companies that are attractive in the long term, but which may find themselves out of favour or suffering from too much debt to reach their potential.

It is important to us to work with management, giving them the support they need to create sustainable value for the long term. We are action-oriented owners, but they manage the businesses.

Our investments are supported by three core principles:

Thoughtful investing - in businesses that have the potential to develop.

We know the sectors in which we are involved really well - and like to get to know potential portfolio companies years before we invest. 

We identify businesses across the region that could benefit from our support in accelerating their development. We are always interested in meeting owners, managers and advisers. Our investment record, our close links with local markets and communities and our sector experience mean that Triton is often the investor of choice for them. 

Triton’s investment origination program sits at the heart of our investment activity, helping to spot suitable investment opportunities across northern Europe.  It currently tracks more than 800 businesses across the region.

Consistent strategy

An experienced team working with management to execute a strategy and support the business in reaching its potential.

Triton focuses on operational improvement – improving the way businesses do business.  This has been our strategy since we started in 1997.

Plans often need time. We encourage management teams to put in short to mid term plans.  However, these need to be within the context of detailed longer term plans that allows for shifts in strategy and further investments in the business.

The businesses we invest in have full access to Triton’s network with their industrial, strategic and operational expertise, specialist debt and structuring skills. Together with industry experts, they work with management teams to: accelerate business expansion; maximise productivity; strengthen positions within existing markets by improving product or service delivery; focus the business on its core markets. 

We encourage the management teams to take advantage of market opportunities and accelerate the development of any untapped potential.


Better businesses require responsible ownership and sound governance, creating stability and value over the long term.

Triton endeavours to be a forward-looking, responsible owner and a partner to all stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, management teams, board members, industrial experts and society at large. 

We are signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and incorporate environmental, social and governance principles into our investment analysis, decision-making, ownership policies and practices.

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