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A leading Swedish provider of excavation services and civil works


Akeab was acquired in June 2017

Akeab is a leading provider of excavation services and civil works in southern Sweden. Within the construction field, Akeab undertakes traditional non-building construction projects, within fields such as road construction and street maintenance. The company is also a full service provider of cable related work, primarily focused on electricity and FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) projects.

Because of extensive industry experience, from Akeab’s founders to its highly skilled work force, the company offers services based on quality and safety. Akeab is highly dedicated to its clients, always putting their interests at the forefront, which has resulted in numerous long-term customer relationships.

The company operates in the southern part of Sweden from its six offices spanning from Ystad to Gothenburg, with the headquarter located in Malmö. Akeab was founded in 2008, and has experienced strong growth since inception, which is largely a result of organically driven geographical expansion.

Press releases

30 Apr 2018 Mark & Energibyggarna acquired as a sister company to Akeab and KEWAB
12 Nov 2017 KEWAB acquired as a sister company to Akeab
30 Jun 2017 Triton has acquired Akeab


Acquisition date:
June 2017

Business services

€102 million (2017)

Number of employees:
200 (2017)

Board of directors:
Per Frankling
Henrik Tholander
Mats O Paulsson

Company website:

Per Frankling

Peter Condrup (CEO)
Anders Stenberg (CFO)

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