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We endeavour to be a forward looking responsible owner


We understand that our activities have an impact on the environment and on the people and communities where we and our portfolio companies operate. We believe that engaging with a broad set of investment criteria that includes environmental, social and governance ("ESG") considerations mitigates risk and helps to capture long-term value. Triton has made a public commitment to incorporate ESG principles in the way we behave by developing our ESG Policy. 

We endeavour to be a forward-looking, responsible owner and a partner to all the stakeholders with whom we work, including employees, customers, suppliers, management teams, board members, industrial advisers and society at large.

loevel 20Triton is a proud sponsor of Level 20, a not for profit organisation that aims to deliver greater representation for women in private equity.

Learn more about Level 20 at:

The Board of the Fund Manager is responsible for the implementation of the ESG programme. Graeme Ardus is the dedicated ESG professional responsible.

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