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Building better businesses
Management teams are critical to the success of our investments

Management teams

Management teams are critical to the success of our investments. They drive the strategy and its implementation. We are grateful to the first-rate CEOs, senior executives and board members that have chosen to partner with us. The success of the businesses in which Triton has invested is the result of their expertise and dedicated work.

Triton encourages board members and management teams to take advantage of market opportunities and accelerate the development of unexploited potential. Over the years, Triton's performance and reputation for being a good owner and reliable partner have resulted in a strong franchise that attracts talent.

The Triton ownership model seeks to:

  • cultivate close relationships with talented managers, chairmen and board members
  • provide the capital to back good ideas
  • ensure that there is effective and consistent decision-making on owner-related matters
  • stimulate the entrepreneurial drive and urgency that ensure effective action
  • maintain a sense of perspective - in business we know that there are often obstacles and difficulties to overcome.
  • build better businesses over the long term.

We are always keen to meet good managers.

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